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What's TAAS?

The traditional process of hiring, onboarding, managing and retaining the best talent does not always play out well in today’s face-paced business environment. 



Are you one of many looking to quickly augment your tech team? Finding it challenging to find the best people for a specific skill? You are not alone – but nowadays the solution exists – it is possible to tap into the world of freelancers – without the risks you face when doing so. 



Talent-as-a-service is just that. It stems from the convergence of requiring tech expertise quickly and the fact that a lot of tech experts nowadays work as freelancers from home / from anywhere in the world. Our Smart Network was born just for this – a TAAS managed service – removing the risks of dealing with freelancers.

Upwork Without The Risks

Smart Network
A TAAS End-To-End Managed Solution

Portals like Upwork gained their popularity from the emergence of this gig economy. But hiring people on Upwork is still risky and time consuming. And we all know of some horror story of Upwork hires gone wrong.



When you start using the Smart Network you just let us know what skills you need, we provide you with highly skilled tech staff with those skills – from our curated lists. It does not matter whether you need them for a few hours, a few weeks or a few months.



And the whole process is fully managed. You do not need to directly hire the staff. You do not need to worry about “single-points-of-failure” in your human resource pool. You do not need to worry about their performance reviews, their worklogs and their taxes. They start working for you and you receive one invoice from us.


And better still we’re not passive – our TAAS Smart Network team members share with you a sense of ownership of your project. We strive to provide positive proactive input throughout the project to make it successful.

How It Works

Discovery Call With Our Specialists

Agreements Signed

We Define The Project Details

Talent Onboarding

We Source The Best Talent

Project Is Executed

First Step
Discovery Call With Our Specialists
Second Step
We Define The Project Details​
Third Step
We Source The Best Talent ​
Fourth Step
Agreements Signed​
Fifth Step
Talent Onboarding​
Sixth Step
Project Is Executed​

A 100+ Smart Network

Our Smart Network is a team of over 100+ remote AI engineers, software developers – both frontend, backend – and full stack, QA testers, UX/UI designers, data scientists, cloud engineers, data engineers, RPA engineers and database administrators ready to get your digital projects off the ground.

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