Agile Customer-Centric Prototyping

Agile Function First Customer Centric Prototyping

Traditional development agencies take the specifications from you – show you one or two pages of design and then go ahead and build the full solution, showing it to you at the very end. Many times the end results is not what you want.

This is not the way we work at Smart Studios. We focus on Function-First Prototyping

  1. We first create wireframes on a whiteboard and on paper.
  2. These wireframes are them merged inside a clickable image sequence.  The focus of the sequence is on the functionality required – not whether it looks amazing.
  3. We then build a Proof-Of-Concepts from the clickable sequence.
  4. Finally we focus on making the look and feel smooth, good looking and intuitive.

In this way we ensure  a) the end product has the functionality required b) changes can be done quickly and without costing an arm and a leg by having to rework everything.

Give us a call if you have a project to get going. We excel at ideation, wireframing, quick prototyping and agile delivery of customer-centric POCs and MVPs. We can provide you with a working POC of your product / service in as little as 30 days.