€5,000 Grant To Re-engineer Your Business Processes

Thinking of restructuring and digitising key parts of your business? 

A new scheme called “Business Process Re-engineering Scheme” by Malta Enterprise is aimed directly at helping Maltese businesses with this. The scheme covers up to €5,000 of the costs.

We are happy to announce that Smart Studios is an approved service provider for this scheme. 

We’ll work hand in hand through all the steps of your business process reengineering. 

The scheme enables you to

  • realign your business activity
  • restructure your employees, product and / or service portfolio
  • optimise the use of technology
  • embrace green technologiesand practices


The aid shall be awarded in the form of a cash grant covering 50% of the costs incurred up to a maximum grant of €5,000.

Contact us at info at smartstudios.io to learn more about the scheme and on how we can assist you.

All details of the scheme can be found on the Malta Enterprise website through the link below