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We build AI & digitalisation solutions for leading brands and emerging startups.


AI Models

We build bespoke AI platforms from A to Z - from the initial data labelling, selecting the most appropriate machine learning and deep learning techniques, training the AI model, integrating it to your existing systems, and maintaining its accuracy over time.

Software Development

We design and develop mobile apps, custom applications - big and small, with a particular focus on R&D. We infuse your products/services with our hands-on experience in AI, IOT & other emerging technologies.


Are you looking to quickly augment your tech team? Our Smart Network is the answer. A global community of 100+ professionals working together on technology & innovation projects.

Innovation & Technology Scouting

Whether you are looking to market an innovation you built or looking for a new innovation someone else built we can scout for you the right technology transfer stakeholders and link you to universities, startups, investors, R&D teams and IP experts.

Technology Consulting

Boost your business growth and agility through the assistance of our technology consultants. You can focus on your core business while we enable your teams to onboard holistic technology solutions through a human-centric approach, while evaluating risks and opportunities ahead.

Digital Transformation & Automation

We enable you to digitise and automate your manual company workflows. Through RPA & agile best practices you can create smooth digital business processes instead. We'll lead your digital transformation and business process automation.

Project Management

Leave your strategic & complex digital projects with us. We’ll guide the process of scoping, budgeting, planning, executing and monitoring. Our project management team will work closely with you to make your projects a reality.

Startup Coaching

We provide startup founders with practical hands-on mentoring, enabling them to avoid pitfalls when buidling their first MVP, using emerging technologies, finding product-market fit, getting traction and scaling internationally.

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Computer Vision

Automate many human-intensive task by training an AI model that learns to perceive and interpret visual data. Our cutting-edge computer vision solutions enable image and video analysis, object recognition, and more, opening up a world of opportunities for automation.

Natural Language Processing

Discover the magic of NLP, including Chatbots for seamless customer interactions, Speech Recognition for voice-driven interactions, and advanced NLP techniques for text comprehension. Improve your applications by incorporating human-like linguistic capabilities.

Anomaly Detection

With Anomaly Detection you can faster and easier protect your business by discovering outliers in millions of data records in real-time. This can be used in fraud detection of financial transactions and many other similar scenarios.